Prices are subject to change without notice. Orders are shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise indicated. All orders other than those shipped UPS Ground will be subject to a shipping charge. With some exception, we do not inventory product but develop and craft dental models and molds and related specialty items on demand.


Terms are Net 10 days from receipt of monthly statement. Accounts not paid within stated terms will be subject to a late fee of 2.0% on the unpaid balance. All credit card purchases are charged at time of completion and shipment.


Payment may be made by check, MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Payment must be in U.S. funds. Reminder
Paradigm makes custom dental models. Most of the models pictured in this catalog are proprietary and not for sale. Similar configurations, restored to your specification are available on request.


Requests for quotation should be accompanied with a sample or identified in a diagram or sketched with other related instruction.

Lead Time

Lead time from receipt of parts and/or approved product is:
New/Initial Orders………..6-8 weeks
Repeat Orders……………….4-6 weeks


Our work and materials are guaranteed. Defective product will be replaced at NO CHARGE. Authorization should be obtained in writing or approved by telephone, fax, or e-mail prior to return of product.

Proprietary Names

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